Discovering Me Series, book reviews

I can always rely on this author to provide me with well-flushed characters who have a strong background and personality. Cole not only has to deal with cleaning up his recently deceased mother’s house, who was a hoarder, but he’s on the run from an abusive lover.

I liked how Cole was able to recover and begin to have his “happy ending”. The only bit that bugged me was when the abusive lover showed up at the end of the book. I get that we needed some sort of confrontation with him, so the characters and reader could get closure. But I disliked how it was done. The abuser is now a beaten man, who suffered a brutal attack and has now learned the err of his ways, and might even be disabled. It felt a bit too much like the author was trying to drive home a point.

I didn’t find it believable and I actually think it might have worked better to never have brought the abusive lover into the story. He played off better as a person we didn’t get to meet and could imagine in our minds. Meeting him, kind of ruined it all.

Unearthing Cole by A.M. Arthur

The second book in the “Discovering Me” series flips the point of view to the other character. Here the couple undergoes a series of misunderstandings and the relationship hits a bit of difficult water. It was a fun read with some nice Soap Opera drama that concludes with a happy ending for all.

Understanding Jeremy, by A.M. Arthur


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