Chasing Smoke, book review

The book is very well written, the characters are believable, this author even managed to pull off the “falling in love after a decade apart” bit. Which a lot of authors try to do, and most fail at. This one was explained well enough I could accept it.

My only problem with the novel seemed to be the length of the chapters and scenes. Don’t get me wrong, I loved this book and finished it in three days. But I would often be in what was probably supposed to be a climactic scene… and I’d stop reading. Middle of a sex scene, unveiling of crime evidence, it would just go on for too long and I’d have to take a break. I guess the balance between the story and the erotica scenes wasn’t shuffled right, cause I’d go from being annoyed at all the investigation stuff, to wishing the kissing would end and get back to the story. Both plots were good, just not divided up in a manner that made it an easy read—unless you just breaks in the middle of an action scene like I did.

Chasing Smoke by K.A. Mitchell


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