Fantastic Four, 2015, movie review

The reviews kept me away from this movie. Everyone seemed to dislike it. Then I read a synopsis, one wrote by a person who was giving it a horrible review, and as I read it, I was like, wow this movie sounds awesome. So I decided to go see it.

And guess what? The movie is awesome. The thing is, you need to go to it and view it as a regular science fiction movie. Throw away all your bias and expectations for marvel comic movies. Don’t go in, expecting an X-man or Avengers movie. Just go in and enjoy and nice science fiction movie.
Really, the writers should have made the characters new and completely severed ties with the marvel world. If they had, this movie would have been a success.

The plot was well thought out, the acting was good. The only bit I got annoyed with was how first Ben and later one of the business guys, kept chewing gum with their mouth open. It was noticeable and annoying, just like seeing someone do it in real life is. So I would like to smack whoever thought of that idea.

The ending did get a little cheesy, but that’s to be expected in this genre of movie. And yes, the movie ends leaving you wanting more and prepping you for a sequel, but that’s the idea, right?


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