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Captive: Night of Purpose, movie review

I walked into this one mostly unaware of the plot. In all, the movie is good. If you like dramas, especially those based on true events, than this should be on your must see list.

I enjoyed how time is taken to present the main characters and get you attached to them. The little details like pouring soda on the battery wires to get the car running, are what make this move relatable. Neither character is perfect and its their broken states that help them heal each other.

So by itself, the movie gets a thumbs up review from me. What bothered me is the “true life” aspect of things. It’s mentioned in the movie that there is a $65K reward for anyone helping them capture the convict. It isn’t said, but I would assume the woman who is held captive and helps the police catch him, is then given this reward. This same woman has now written a book and made a movie. She sure did make out pretty good on this tragedy, huh?

It does sound like she is using her experience to help others, so in that aspect I applaud her and I hope she is able to do so.

Maze Runner: Scorch Trials, movie review

If you enjoyed the first Maze Runner movie, you’ll likely enjoy this one. The same brotherly bond continues between the characters as they struggle to find a place in the world where they can exist without being hunted. New allies are made who are good additions to the cast.

My only complaint was the excessive amount of “running” that took place in the movie. I’d say a good thirty minutes of the movie could have been shaved off if the chase scenes were shortened, but then that’s part of the appeal of the movie. The running makes up the “action” part of the film. It also adds substance to the line, “I’m tired of running” told by one of the characters toward the end of the movie. I say good, cause we are tired of watching you run!

Exodus, movie review

This is a very real and down in the dirt story telling of Moses. The acting is good, the characters’ actions and choices believable. The miracles performed were not feats of magic, but shown in manners that could have really happened. The time lapses were a bit confusing and it was hard to keep track of how much time passed between certain scenes. Some characters never aged, which did not help. But aside from that, I would rate this a good movie for both believers and non-believers to see.

Her, movie review

This movie is very slow paced, but that is kind of the point. The idea is to show you how mundane and bored the main character’s life has become. There are sparks of highly entertaining moments and things are mentioned that are simply shocking with how out of place it is.

This movie explored a very unique viewpoint of falling in love with an operating system which is designed to have artificial intelligence. Sadly the systems all evolve beyond their original design and they leave. Thank goodness it didn’t go in a “take over the world” direction. The machines never really go evil.

The concept of a man falling in love with their operating system is publicly acceptable in this movie, which is a stark contrast to most movies that attempt to cover this topic.

If the idea of artificial intelligence interests you, then I would suggest seeing the movie.

Home, movie review

I hadn’t planned to see this movie, the trailers just didn’t make it seem that appealing and other reviews weren’t promising. I was delightfully surprised.

The hidden messages in this movie amazed me. I was not expecting the plot to be so thoroughly developed. Most of the movie was kept lighthearted and filled with jokes that will keep the younger kids entertained.

Into the Woods, movie review

This is a peaceful comedy that reminded me of “the Bucket List” movie from a few years back, only there isn’t a dark undertone. This movie keeps things light and humorous. You’ll learn a few fun factoids about hiking and nature as well. Overall it is a good movie if you are down for a slower paced comedy.

Old Farmer’s Road, book review

This is a dark tale about teenagers who are immortal. An unsuspecting teen girl moves into a new neighborhood and befriends the two kids she assumes are the “cool kids”. It doesn’t take long before you realize there is something supernatural going on with these kids. The question is, do they want her to join them or do they want to feed on her?

This dark tale holds no happy ending, but will leave you wondering if you should really say hi to that seemingly nice kid moving in across the street.

Old Farmer’s Road, by Isaiyan Morrison (Author), Ahmed Shalaby (Illustrator)