Exodus, movie review

This is a very real and down in the dirt story telling of Moses. The acting is good, the characters’ actions and choices believable. The miracles performed were not feats of magic, but shown in manners that could have really happened. The time lapses were a bit confusing and it was hard to keep track of how much time passed between certain scenes. Some characters never aged, which did not help. But aside from that, I would rate this a good movie for both believers and non-believers to see.


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Welcome to my blog! I live in Florida with my husband and our Kitty, a rescued Abyssinian. I have several novels published under the name "Nina Schluntz". I’m an avid movie goer, so most of my blog posts will be a review of the most recent movie I happened to see. Sometimes I’ll mix it up and read a book too. Or… my favorite, I’ll see the movie then read the book it was based on! View all posts by mizner13

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