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The trailer and idea behind this movie seemed good. It was one of those movies that could have been great but ended up getting lost in the mundane of everyday life. As the painfully slow plot moved forward I kept waiting for the kick, the moment the movie would pick up momentum. It never happened. The events in the movie or possible attempts at plot twists, took so long to come into fruition that its impossible to not already know what is going to happen. The movie is a constant repetition of “finally” moments and a struggle to keep your eyes open.

The characters are bland and bored with their lives, so I’m not sure why the writers thought we would be entertained. I get that they were trying to make the movie as real as possible. But what they forgot is… real life is boring. No one wants to go to the movies to watch a film that is as predictable as their own lives. The fact this film is two hours long, seals the deal on this negative review. Do not go see this movie.

The Intern


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