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The Good Dinosaur, movie review

The trailers for this movie don’t give you much of an idea of what to expect. When I asked a friend who had seen the movie if it was any good. She said it was and that she cried for the entire movie. I did not think she meant this literally until I saw the movie myself.

The story line takes a unique approach to evolution, and basically men are called “critters” and are treated like dogs. Dinosaurs are farmers and ranchers. The main story is a misfit dinosaur befriending a human boy. But there is tragedy after tragedy in this movie. Fifteen minutes in, and two horrible tragedies in, a small girl a few seats away from me, covered her face and muttered, “I don’t want to watch anymore.” I understood completely and wanted to stop watching myself. I mean, think of how emotional the scene in Bambi was when his mother died. This movie has like eight scenes with that same emotional punch.

It’s a good movie and everyone who has seen it will likely say they enjoyed it. The kids were all engaged, and no one seemed bored. But I can’t in good conscious recommend the movie. It’s just too sad.

The 33, movie review

This movie is based on a real life tragic event, yet it littered with lighthearted humor that sets a nice tone for the film. Yes, this is a drama and there are dark moments, but they are balanced with joy. The combination will leave you in years of both delight and sadness. These characters are real and the audience will bond with them on many levels.

To me this movie couldn’t have been done better. It is the perfect example of humans bonding together to get through a horrific situation. They could have easily turned on each other, but in the end, they helped each other stand up and survive.

I also enjoyed the educational bit of the movie. I had no idea that mining caves were so massive!

Dragons Live Forever, book review

This book tied up everything for the series quite nicely. As per the other books, the love story was unlike the ones that came before it. I loved that the woman in this book goes from being smitten with the dragon, to outright refusing him! The woman empowerment was awesome. The character didn’t need the dragon, she chose him, and only after he proved himself worthy. But I read romances for the struggle, not the happy ending or sex, so this book was perfect for me!

Dragons Live Forever by D’Elen McClain

Waves Break My Fall, book review

The start of this story roped me in with how detailed and graphic the book is. There is more to this plot than a mere love story, and that is what makes a book good. The characters have flaws, which makes them feel more real. The story, like many, does slow down a bit halfway through. Once the honeymoon period is over, the story is bogged down with the politics of day-to-day life. There’s one sex scene that seems to last forever and I ended up skipping it. The last part of the book doesn’t fit quite right and seems rushed as the author tries to show the effects of PTSD, but we aren’t shown how we went from a slight problem to a huge problem. Perhaps if the character had gone on another deployment it would have been easier to swallow. I would have liked to have seen the characters in their workplaces as well. It felt like I was only getting half the story since I was only shown what happened to them at home.

Waves Break My Fall, by Kendall McKenna

Top Me Maybe, All Man, novella reviews

Both of these short stories weighed a little heavy on the “pair a manly man up with a feminine man” factor. They basically should have been stories about a man and a woman instead of all men. They are both still decent reads, although there is very little to the story other than the courtship between the two main characters. The couples in the novellas were so similar they could have been the same couple instead of dividing this into two stories.

Top Me Maybe
All Man
by Jay Northcote

First Class Package, book review

This novella is a quick, cute, little read. The courtship is something we can all relate too. Who hasn’t had a crush but been too scared to say something? The bit about the stuffed animals had me in stitches. I was reading this in a public place and I couldn’t help but laugh out laugh. So if you enjoy romances with a little humor, this is a good story to pick up.

First Class Package by Jay Northcote

Peanuts 2015, movie review

I hesitate to write this, cause it seems most are giving this movie a good review. And I’ll admit, I wanted to like this movie, but it was a snooze fest.

First off, there was nothing original in the movie. Dialogue and even scenes were directly copied from other Peanuts movies. I’m sure they did this to appeal to the fans, but in reality, it made the movie feel like a repeat of other movies. It was a montage of “best of Snoopy” scenes. There was a thin plot, that was oh so boring and predictable. And the ending of the movie took a twist and gave Charlie Brown a win. Which left me going, this is so fake and so not like what Peanuts is. The whole point is Charlie never wins, that’s what makes him relatable. And Snoopy was downplayed for the entire movie. He’s supposed to be the hero, the cool guy, and he’s this minor character who really does nothing. The Red Baron scenes were different and borderline original, but they were boring too.

Although the reviews may say the movie was good, I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Several groups got up during the movie and never came back. Kids were running up and down the aisles, and taking bathroom breaks throughout the film.

Basically, both adults and kids are going to be bored at this movie. We expect more action and heart in our children’s films these days, and this movie did not make the cut.

Freaks of Nature, movie review

I think I judged this movie harsher than it deserves, but after seeing “Scouts Guide” the bar for zombie comedies has been raised. The comedy in “Freaks of Nature” was more on level with a movie from the 80s. Think of the classics like “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” or “National Lampoon’s Vacation”.

I liked the idea of vampires, zombies, and humans all figuring out a way to peacefully co-exist. The zombies were even treated as people instead of just brainless monsters. There was a plot to the story and even a few twists. It sort of had a happy ending, but I think I’m old school in that I had trouble believing someone could be happy as a zombie.

The movie is worth a watch if you see it on tv, or maybe a $1 rental, but it’s not one to fork out the big bucks to see in the theater.

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, movie review

Zombie comedies hit their peak a few years back, but that didn’t stop this one from coming into fruition. I think people are back to wanting their zombie movies to be dark—thanks to the popular show “The Walking Dead.” So that is likely why most of the reviews for this film have been negative.

But to me, this movie was hilarious. The jokes used were original, I didn’t see much being stolen from other movies. There were a few perverse moments that I wasn’t expecting, so don’t take the youngsters. I was laughing or jumping for the entire film. And at only an hour and half, the pace of the movie is perfect—you never get bored.

The characters are developed and each have their own personality. There’s even a plot! Which is so rare for a comedy. Yes, what the characters opt to do in some of the situations is unlikely, but that’s why its funny.

For a comedy lover, you really need to see this. And if you like zombies, yes, go, I insist, just go.

Our Brand is Crisis, movie review

Okay, this movie was about what I was expecting. Especially, when I saw everyone in the theater was a senior citizen.

I wish I could say, if you like politics, you’ll like this movie. Or if you’re a huge fan of Sandra Bullock, you’ll like it. But really, I don’t think so.

I mean, the movie had plot, heart and somewhere in there a message. But aside from a few cool quotes and backstabbing twists—the movie was a snooze festival. I literally closed my eyes and half-slept for much of the movie. Don’t get me wrong, I was still listening, so I’m positive I didn’t accidentally miss the good stuff. There was no good stuff.

If you feel an itch to watch this movie—put it on the back burner and wait for it to come out on tv. Cause I’m sure in a few years we will see this on cable.