Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, movie review

Zombie comedies hit their peak a few years back, but that didn’t stop this one from coming into fruition. I think people are back to wanting their zombie movies to be dark—thanks to the popular show “The Walking Dead.” So that is likely why most of the reviews for this film have been negative.

But to me, this movie was hilarious. The jokes used were original, I didn’t see much being stolen from other movies. There were a few perverse moments that I wasn’t expecting, so don’t take the youngsters. I was laughing or jumping for the entire film. And at only an hour and half, the pace of the movie is perfect—you never get bored.

The characters are developed and each have their own personality. There’s even a plot! Which is so rare for a comedy. Yes, what the characters opt to do in some of the situations is unlikely, but that’s why its funny.

For a comedy lover, you really need to see this. And if you like zombies, yes, go, I insist, just go.


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