The Witch Hunter, movie review

The basic story isn’t all that new, but this movie does put a few new twists on the tale. A man who has nothing left to live for is hunting witches, as he succeeds the witch curses him with immortal life, because she knows he wants to die. He then becomes the “weapon” of the church and hunts any witches who happen to act in evil ways.

The twist is, the witch really just used him to store her immortality. He won’t die so long as she is alive, or something like that. They really trade the immortality back and forth and it gets a bit weird and confusing.

They play the “cool guy” factor a bit strong. And at times I felt like I was watching a forty year old man going through his mid-life crisis—fancy sports car, cute young girl—you get the idea.

The effects were pretty good, and the acting as good as it could be. Some of the characters were given stereotypical roles and simply had to stay in them.

Overall, it was an okay movie. I wouldn’t suggest running out to see it, but if you like action/adventures with monsters, then this would be a good movie to see. There are some boring parts and the movie is longer than it needs to be—again, think “what would appeal to a middle-aged man going through a mid-life crisis?” And that is exactly what this movie delivers.


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