Peanuts 2015, movie review

I hesitate to write this, cause it seems most are giving this movie a good review. And I’ll admit, I wanted to like this movie, but it was a snooze fest.

First off, there was nothing original in the movie. Dialogue and even scenes were directly copied from other Peanuts movies. I’m sure they did this to appeal to the fans, but in reality, it made the movie feel like a repeat of other movies. It was a montage of “best of Snoopy” scenes. There was a thin plot, that was oh so boring and predictable. And the ending of the movie took a twist and gave Charlie Brown a win. Which left me going, this is so fake and so not like what Peanuts is. The whole point is Charlie never wins, that’s what makes him relatable. And Snoopy was downplayed for the entire movie. He’s supposed to be the hero, the cool guy, and he’s this minor character who really does nothing. The Red Baron scenes were different and borderline original, but they were boring too.

Although the reviews may say the movie was good, I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Several groups got up during the movie and never came back. Kids were running up and down the aisles, and taking bathroom breaks throughout the film.

Basically, both adults and kids are going to be bored at this movie. We expect more action and heart in our children’s films these days, and this movie did not make the cut.


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