The Good Dinosaur, movie review

The trailers for this movie don’t give you much of an idea of what to expect. When I asked a friend who had seen the movie if it was any good. She said it was and that she cried for the entire movie. I did not think she meant this literally until I saw the movie myself.

The story line takes a unique approach to evolution, and basically men are called “critters” and are treated like dogs. Dinosaurs are farmers and ranchers. The main story is a misfit dinosaur befriending a human boy. But there is tragedy after tragedy in this movie. Fifteen minutes in, and two horrible tragedies in, a small girl a few seats away from me, covered her face and muttered, “I don’t want to watch anymore.” I understood completely and wanted to stop watching myself. I mean, think of how emotional the scene in Bambi was when his mother died. This movie has like eight scenes with that same emotional punch.

It’s a good movie and everyone who has seen it will likely say they enjoyed it. The kids were all engaged, and no one seemed bored. But I can’t in good conscious recommend the movie. It’s just too sad.


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