The Big short, movie review

This movie has to be one of the most under-advertised movies of the year. I literally saw no trailers for it. But that is why I scroll through fandango and watch the trailers on there, its amazing how many good movies you can find that were given zero advertising.

The movie started out a bit slow and at first I worried I’d gotten myself into a two hour marathon of boring. Everyone else in the audience was super old—not a confidence builder. But the movie picked up, using wry humor to keep an otherwise boring plot spruced up with some hot spice. Attempts were made to make boring things, like explaining bank bonds and loans, by having them explained by hot girls in a bubble bath or by using metaphors with a famous chef in a kitchen. The plan works well and even the most inept audience member should be able to keep up.

The characters have more personality than you’ll see in most movies, something that I’ve found is common in movies based on true events. The actors did a superb job of making a story that could have been a boring flop, a highly entertaining movie.

Would I recommend it for everyone? No. But if you like dramas and learning something when watching a movie, then yes, you should go see it.


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