The Hateful Eight, movie review

I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy this movie. The reviews kept calling it a vanity and they weren’t praising it much at all. But after seeing it, I’m kind of wondering if the critics walked into the wrong movie screening.

Yes, the movie is long, it’s a good three hours. Now, I’ve heard rumors of an “intermission.” My viewing did not have one, nor did I see a break for one. The movie is divided up into “chapters,” I think there were five. But there was no announcement of an intermission. So unless this is something the theaters are doing on their own, yeah, there is no intermission.

Yes, everyone dies. It’s a freaking Tarantino movie, what do you expect? I’ve read some reviews of people complaining about how the woman in the movie is covered in blood for the entire film and how pleasure is taken in her death, whereas the others are quickly killed. If you pay attention to the freaking plot, guess what? It makes sense! She is the main criminal and the reason everyone else is dying—jeez. Like I said, its things like this that made me wonder if I was watching the same movie everyone else did.

The fake accents are a bit extreme and get annoying, but I’ve endured worse. The small details make the movie what it is, and there’s some humor mixed in to keep you entertained. The cinematography is spot on, except there are a few drawn out scenes, like the opening one, where you stare at a snow covered statue for a good five minutes. I’m sure it was all the “set the scene” or something, and in a society of instant gratification we have forgotten how to appreciate the art behind it.

Overall, if you like Tarantino movies, then you should def go see it. You won’t be disappointed, but don’t expect an intermission. If you need a bathroom break, try to go during one of the “stare at the snow covered mountains” scenes.


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