Ride Along 2, movie review

It’s obvious from the first scene that Kevin Hart is trying to support this movie all on his own. The supporting cast and even his co-star are really “phoning it in” during the entire movie. Yeah, I get that the characters are trying to play their role, but it really came off as them just not caring. A cardboard cut out of Ice Cube would have played the role just as—no—probably better than the real actor did. The lack of effort from everyone else makes Kevin Hart look like he’s trying too hard, which makes this movie more of a sad affair than a comedy.

Right from the start, I was picking out scenes that were unbelievable. Jumping into a driving car—all new cars have self-locking features so uh, he would not have been able to just open the door. Um, the alligator, would have been exhausted after the first attempt to eat Hart’s character, not continued thrashing/fighting for five minutes. I get it’s a comedy and its not meant to be realistic, but when a movie isn’t keeping your attention, the flaws like this stand out even more.

If you’re a Kevin Hart fan, like myself, than I would suggest seeing the movie, because he really does a great job. If you are thinking of seeing this movie for any other reason—don’t. You will be disappointed.


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