13 Hours, Movie review

This is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while. The acting was spot on, the plot keeps moving, there’s action, drama, the whole nine yards. Yes, the movie is two and half hours long, but it doesn’t feel that long. There are no lulls even long enough to give you a chance for a bathroom break—so do not guzzle that beverage until the last hour of the movie. The film is similar to “Zero Dark Thirty” although I would go so far as to say this has more action. If you liked “Zero Dark Thirty,” you will enjoy this movie as well.

There is some gore in the last thirty minutes that will make you cringe, but otherwise it isn’t shown. This movie does a good job of not glorifying the gore and instead focuses on the confusion and drama of war. Even the Libyans were made to be relate able, not all of them were bad, and some even tried to help.

The plot is unpredictable, and the characters offer very original dialogue, adding to the realism of the movie.

Overall, I would recommend the movie to anyone who can handle the violence. War movie fans will love it.

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