Carol, movie review

This movie was nominated for a lot of awards and nearly all the reviews I found were positive, so I decided to give it a try, even though the movie had barely been advertised and I hadn’t heard much about it. I expected the plot to be slow, but it was slower than I thought it would be. There is one song played periodically throughout the movie, pretty much if something dramatic is about to happen, you’ll hear the theme music.

The film takes place in the fifties, and a lot of effort was made to keep the movie true to the era. I was shocked at how many era specific cars they found to fill the streets with!

The love story is a twist on normal stereotypes. The wife is cheating on her husband with other women. The husband is still in love with her, and uses custody of their child as a means to stall the divorce. Her behavior with other women is used as blackmail and she is even sent to a therapist for treatment.

What was odd to me was the crowd this movie attracted. Everyone, except me, was well over sixty. We are talking people with canes, wheelchairs, adult diapers, and oxygen masks. Mostly husbands and wives. I did not think a movie about lesbians appealed to that generation so the best I can surmise is that they were there for the nostalgic trip back to their childhood since the movie was likely set in the time period when they were children.

Overall, yes it was a good movie, the best parts were some truly original one-line comments made by some of the characters. But to be honest, if I’d been watching the movie at home, I would have changed the channel during one of the boring parts. If you saw, Bessie, the pace of this movie was similar to that, minus the violence.

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