Snowpiercer, movie review

This movie has an interesting plot premise, (an ice age has hit and the sole survivors of humanity live on a train that never stops) but too many aspects don’t add up. First, I was distracted the entire movie as I tried to figure out the relationship between the two main male characters. Are they best friends, gay, brothers? They all have beards so its impossible to tell their ages. Apparently there is a 17 year age gap between them, it was not noticeable and made it harder to figure out the dynamics of their relationship. At the very end of the film, an explanation is given.

The plot holes are things like, there are chicken eggs and chickens strung up in a deep freezer, but where are the living chickens? Supposedly, we walk the entire length of the train, but the livestock was not shown. Yet, we are shown the food. Even the bugs that are used to make the protein bars… where are they coming from?

The shock value of certain plot aspects are well done. The surprises keep coming in unpredictable ways. I just wish they’d made a bit more sense. The slow unveiling of the plot twists are what keep the movie entertaining. The problem is, it just doesn’t make sense if you think about it—at all.

And the ending of the movie is one that leaves you shaking your head. I won’t give it away because the spoiler is too large.

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