The Fifth Wave, movie review

When I first saw the trailer for this movie—I knew I wanted to see it. Then the reviews came out—not a single positive one in the bunch. The “hate” was so strong that it made me want to see the movie even more. I simply had to know why this movie was so horrible.

The film is similar to “Maze Runner” and “Twilight.” There are obvious bits stolen from both films, so much so that one actor sounds exactly like Edward from “Twilight.” He acts exactly like him too.

In a nutshell—the movie is awesome. If you enjoy laughing and mocking a film that is trying to be a drama but comes off as a comedy. I thoroughly enjoying my viewing. The hardest part was stifling my laughter, because everyone around me was deadpan and, I dunno, trying to relate with characters? Whereas I mocked the characters and found their choices so silly I nearly busted a rib.

So here are a few examples of what I’m referring too. Be forewarned, there are some spoilers, but they are kept to a minimum. I don’t give away any of the plot.

The remaining human survivors have set up their own camp, after the first four invasion waves have hit. The Army shows up—in running trucks even though wave 1 took out all electronics—uh, red flags anyone? The Army takes the children on the buses, telling the parents that buses will come later for them. Now, I am not a parent so I cannot attest to whether I would willingly put my child on a bus and separate from them during an end of the world situation. Its not like there’s a visible threat happening to motivate them to get their children to safety, the Army says do it, and they do. I do not know a single parent who would do this. Nor do I think the Army would do this, because now they have a bunch of children they have to take care of. Maybe, women and children go first, and save the men for later, but never just take children. So right here, the movie was ruined for me, cause those parents would not give over their children, not without a huge fight. I’m talking concentration camp forced separation kind of situation.

Next, there’s a scene where the lead heroine is being shot at by a sniper. He hits her in the thigh. She rolls under a car. Which is a good safe place, but what does she do? After regaining her composure, she rolls out, empties her gun by shooting into the air (a gun no one showed her how to use) and then falls into the ditch and passes out. Who would do that? She basically ran into the line of fire and then passed out.

Someone saves her, she wakes up in their house. Of course, being the idiot she is, she tries to walk and the wound starts to bleed. Her rescuer then gives her stitches. She asks how long she’s been there and get this—a week. Um, why did you not give her stitches when she was unconscious? Why did you wait a week? And really, stitches aren’t going to do you any good after a week, there’s like a 24 hour window to do those, otherwise the skin is not going to reconnect. Those stitches either were a cure all or we hunkered down in the house for months, cause she’s walking, running, the whole deal a few scenes later.

My favorite part is the heroine’s alien stalker. He pretty much saw her and fell in love—crazy stalker, right? He flat out tells her that he loves her and wants to join the humans for her. Thankfully this movie does break one clique and the woman says she wants nothing to do with him, as she should, she freaks out and tell him to go away. It was nice to see a woman not fall into the arms of her crazy stalker. He keeps pursuing her, making for some awesome moments, especially when he finds her with her high school sweetheart. The, “who is this?” is just perfect and had me rolling on the floor.

I didn’t realize this last bit, but as I was telling my husband about how ridiculous the movie was, he asked me, “What weapons did the aliens have?” They had the technology to create earthquakes, spaceships, an EM pulse, even a virus that is transferable from birds to humans—yet, they did not bring their own weapons. I guess they figured, “We’ll just use whatever we find.” Who needs weapons for an alien invasion?

As I said, I would recommend seeing it, because its hilarious. But yes, the reviews are correct. You’ll figure out the plot twists way ahead of time, nothing about the film is believable, and its obvious the person writing it knows nothing about injuries, guns, science, or how humans behave in moments of crisis. But I actually did enjoy it. Part of me hopes there is a sequel…



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