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Risen, movie review

I expected this movie to be like “Exodus” and give me a biblical story told in a way that made the event explainable by science. I mean, the trailer kept bragging about the story being told by a non-believer. Instead, the story was about showing the unbelievable events to a non-believer and making him a believer. Nothing all that original.

I’m not familiar enough with the story from the bible, so I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the events that are shown in the film, but other blogs imply it is correct for the most part. My review is simply from a movie goer’s point of view, judging it as simply another movie. And in that aspect–the movie is not worth seeing.

The plot is slow. Over half the audience watching it with were asleep within the first twenty minutes. At one point I checked my watch, hoping the movie was about done and I stared at my watch in disbelief–it was only thirty minutes in. Yup, it’s the kind of movie that drags on and on. It never really had a climax and the direction or focus of the plot was never made clear. I think the main problem was, it was a movie about Jesus, but Jesus was cast as a supporting role with minimal screen time. Instead, a Roman, who feels like a supportive character, is supposed to be our main character. It just gave the movie a lopsided feeling and you weren’t sure who you should be rooting for. The disciples give off this vibe similar to giddy hipsters from the 60’s, with never ending grins and it gives you a cultish feeling.

The few times a reaction was stirred from the audience, those of us who drank enough soda to stay awake, but it wasn’t so much because the moment was funny or good. It was a, “Ha Jesus showed you how wrong you are” kind of thing, that any Christian would get excited about, regardless of the quality of the film.

The pros would be the acting was spot on, the characters did look dirty and filth covered, reality was included where possible, like the rate of corpse decomposition and brutality of the crucifixions, and no Christian is likely to be offended by this portrayal of Jesus rising after death.

Would I suggest seeing it? No. If it comes out on television, sure, click over and take a look. Otherwise, for the average movie goer, you should pass on this one.

Hail, Caesar! Movie Review

I’d heard negative things about this movie, but no one gave me much to go on, and the trailer made me curious. So I had the time, a showing fit my schedule, so I saw it. And I’m glad I did. This is a film that finds humor on awkward moments, those day-to-day things that happen that just leave you going, “Did that really just happen?”

The plot is unpredictable and dabbles into various people’s lives, just enough to give you a taste, before redirecting you to someone else. Still, the plot has a steady flow and comes full circle in the end. The cinematography is impressive, as are some of the scenes–full tap dancing and cattle roping skills.

Overall, if you’d like a softer comedy that isn’t full of crude humor, then this is a good one to see.

How to be Single, movie review

The direction or focus of this movie is a little convoluted, and intentionally so. Its catered toward people who enjoy romances, yet, the happy ending is more, being happy with being single, than with finding your true love. This does make for a roller coaster of events, and some humorous first date stories. The amount of characters introduced is a bit daunting, but each have a strong enough personality it isn’t hard to keep track of them.

The comedy does stay in the vulgar lane, more than I like. And relies heavily on slap-stick comedy. The film never gets close to any one character for long enough to make you feel any emotion for them. And for a movie trying to be a romantic comedy–this is sort of a must. Without this, it’s just another silly comedy.

If you’re a fan of either of the main stars, you will likely enjoy the movie just because you get to see them having a good time. Aside from that, it’s just a so-so movie, and there are plenty of other comedies out there you should see instead.



Zoolander 2, movie review

Per my usual, I watched the first Zoolander before I went to see the sequel. I would recommend this to everyone. The movie picks up directly after the first movie ends and there are jokes scattered in the film that you will only understand if the first movie is fresh in your mind.

As any sequel does, there are some repeatitious jokes from the first movie, but for the most part this film stands on its own. I loved the actor those chose to be Zoolander’s son. He was a great actor and it was an amusing twist to have his son be smart, while Zoolander is still unbelievably slow. They make a good pair and my only complaint was that there weren’t more scenes with the two of them interacting.

Overall, this movie gets a thumbs up and recommendation. If you enjoyed the first Zoolander, you will enjoy the sequel. Their are several cameos by famous people, so keep your eye out!

Deadpool, movie review

The trailers give you a pretty good idea of what this movie is about. It’s not like the other marvel movies, at all. This film is rauchy and every joke has something to do with sex. I know a lot of people are upset that the film wasn’t rated PG-13, but to be honest, the movie is based on rated R things, like, I’m not kidding, there is a very weak plot, the movie is really just a string of sex jokes.

So yeah, as I did not like it. I’m not a fan of crude sex oriented humor. Every man I’ve spoken to, loved it. So I guess the movie did appeal to the market it was going for.

Now, putting aside my dislike for the humor of the movie, it still failed in other regards. The main character actually speaks directly to the audience. This pulls you out of the magic of the movie and reminds you that you are watching a movie. The acting is horrible from several of the side characters, mostly the two X-men who are present. And their role did not need to be there, I don’t know why they were in the movie. The attempts to entertain are wholly focused on the dialogue, and the dialogue is one perverse comment after another. Special effects, so-so, nothing I haven’t seen in other films.

Do I suggest seeing it? Well, if you are guy, yes. If you like raunchy humor, then yes. Otherwise I suggest staying away from this one. All those kids who are upset about not being able to see it? If they did see it, they’d be disappointed. They’ll not understand any of the dialogue or plot.

Collision Course & But My Boyfriend Is, book reviews

I read these out of order, not realizing they were a series. Honestly, I enjoyed the sequel “But My Boyfriend Is” more. Watching the growth of a man who is bisexual make up his mind and admit who he is and wants to be with, very compelling. “Collision Course,” still written well, but seemed to drag on. The characters were highly original, I liked the description of Joey’s hair being cotton candy. Both characters are broken and find a way to heal each other by the end of the book. There are a lot of scenes that seemed extra and made the story drag on a bit longer than I thought was needed. It was almost too bogged down with background story. If a book is awesome, I’ll finish in no less than a week. I took a two month break while reading this one. Yup, I was not dying to know what happened next. If you want a book like that, read “Life, Over Easy” also by K.A. Mitchell. I couldn’t put that one down.

“But My Boyfriend Is,” focusing on one of the twins that is introduced in “Collision Course.” I struggled to tell them apart in “Collision Course,” but such was not the case in this novel. Yes, that could have been because one was badly injured and the other was narrating the story, but they were also given distinct personalities. Watching the twins find their own path was nearly as riveting as the unraveling love story between the two main characters. Again, I loved this story, it was a closeted gay man coming out story, and his recurring denial, great. I loved how his “sort of” boyfriend, helped him discover who he was and never got pushy. I’ll never forget the line of, “And you must be here to get your *&^! sucked.” Classic, and I wish I could see it in a movie someday. It sums up the story line well.

“Collision Course” by K.A. Mitchell

“But My Boyfriend Is” by K.A. Mitchell

Life, Over Easy, Book Review

Books by K.A. Mitchell are usually a safe bet for me, but this book has easily become one of my favorites. I enjoyed how a touch of supernatural was added to the story line, but it wasn’t so much that the book didn’t remain rooted in the modern world. The supernatural bit was also a side part, not the main focus of the story.

The love story wasn’t your quaint, two people meet and fall in love, plot either. They had their one night stand, then John went off and explored his sexuality with others. I think this is much truer to how things play out in real life. It’s rare that you meet someone and instantly decide you want to be with them. I am glad that in the end, they do have their happy ending, but I loved the route that took them there.

If you are a fan of K.A. Mitchell or M/M romance in general, this novel should be on your to-read list. You won’t be disappointed.

Life, Over Easy By K.A. Mitchell

Kung Fu Panda 3, movie review

These movies have been a delight to watch from the start. To ready myself for the new release, I did watch all three movies, back to back. And I recommend it to anyone planning to watch them. Usually when you watch a movie, the first one stands solid on its own, and the subsequent sequels are sorted out later. I have my doubts with Kung Fu Panda. The story line fit together so well throughout the three movies that the idea of the overall plot was likely present from the start.

The best part—you actually get to see the Panda become a dragon. Wow, did not see that coming and it was amazing. The one-liners will keep you in stitches throughout the movie.

Do I recommend the movie, yes. A resounding yes, but you do need to see the first two movies before you go to this one. You’ll enjoy it either way, but you’ll enjoy it more if you are able to grasp all the overlapping stories.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

So I read the book this movie is based on a while back. All I remember is it was very bad. The action scenes were written poorly, and the story line remained the same as the original, just zombies thrown in. I don’t even remember if I finished it. I still own it though, do I did thumb through it real quick before writing this to make sure I was correct.

I also saw the movie “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer” and did not like it. So I was not thinking I would like this movie, not one bit.

The movie actually translated pretty well to the screen. I liked it much more than the book. Its kind of like how “World War Z” the movie, is based on a book. The only thing the two have in common is the name. The book is wildly different than the movie, the same is true here.

In the book, the storyline, as I said, stays the same as in Jane Austin’s “Pride and Prejudice.” The movie though, thankfully, decided to add in some more twists. The zombies are not your normal, moaning dumb, flesh hungry zombies. (They are in the book) These zombies can talk, and some are quite civilized. Mr. Wickham is turned into a true villain, instead of a just an annoying guy who soils Lydia’s reputation. What made this movie good, is what it changed from the book (both of them) to the screen. Making the zombies different, making things into an all-out war, that kept me entertained because I didn’t know what was going to happen next.

Now what made the book popular is the comedic factor. You will not be laughing that much at this movie. Yes, there are a few tongue in cheek moments, where you’ll chuckle, but this isn’t the normal comical zombie movie we are used too. It’s much more a horror action movie with a bit of sarcasm dripped in.

It’s still getting a recommendation from me. If you like zombies and action, you should look into seeing the movie. I’m not sure all the Jane Austin fans will like it, but they might. It’s an “okay” movie.