Kung Fu Panda 3, movie review

These movies have been a delight to watch from the start. To ready myself for the new release, I did watch all three movies, back to back. And I recommend it to anyone planning to watch them. Usually when you watch a movie, the first one stands solid on its own, and the subsequent sequels are sorted out later. I have my doubts with Kung Fu Panda. The story line fit together so well throughout the three movies that the idea of the overall plot was likely present from the start.

The best part—you actually get to see the Panda become a dragon. Wow, did not see that coming and it was amazing. The one-liners will keep you in stitches throughout the movie.

Do I recommend the movie, yes. A resounding yes, but you do need to see the first two movies before you go to this one. You’ll enjoy it either way, but you’ll enjoy it more if you are able to grasp all the overlapping stories.


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