Collision Course & But My Boyfriend Is, book reviews

I read these out of order, not realizing they were a series. Honestly, I enjoyed the sequel “But My Boyfriend Is” more. Watching the growth of a man who is bisexual make up his mind and admit who he is and wants to be with, very compelling. “Collision Course,” still written well, but seemed to drag on. The characters were highly original, I liked the description of Joey’s hair being cotton candy. Both characters are broken and find a way to heal each other by the end of the book. There are a lot of scenes that seemed extra and made the story drag on a bit longer than I thought was needed. It was almost too bogged down with background story. If a book is awesome, I’ll finish in no less than a week. I took a two month break while reading this one. Yup, I was not dying to know what happened next. If you want a book like that, read “Life, Over Easy” also by K.A. Mitchell. I couldn’t put that one down.

“But My Boyfriend Is,” focusing on one of the twins that is introduced in “Collision Course.” I struggled to tell them apart in “Collision Course,” but such was not the case in this novel. Yes, that could have been because one was badly injured and the other was narrating the story, but they were also given distinct personalities. Watching the twins find their own path was nearly as riveting as the unraveling love story between the two main characters. Again, I loved this story, it was a closeted gay man coming out story, and his recurring denial, great. I loved how his “sort of” boyfriend, helped him discover who he was and never got pushy. I’ll never forget the line of, “And you must be here to get your *&^! sucked.” Classic, and I wish I could see it in a movie someday. It sums up the story line well.

“Collision Course” by K.A. Mitchell

“But My Boyfriend Is” by K.A. Mitchell


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