Deadpool, movie review

The trailers give you a pretty good idea of what this movie is about. It’s not like the other marvel movies, at all. This film is rauchy and every joke has something to do with sex. I know a lot of people are upset that the film wasn’t rated PG-13, but to be honest, the movie is based on rated R things, like, I’m not kidding, there is a very weak plot, the movie is really just a string of sex jokes.

So yeah, as I did not like it. I’m not a fan of crude sex oriented humor. Every man I’ve spoken to, loved it. So I guess the movie did appeal to the market it was going for.

Now, putting aside my dislike for the humor of the movie, it still failed in other regards. The main character actually speaks directly to the audience. This pulls you out of the magic of the movie and reminds you that you are watching a movie. The acting is horrible from several of the side characters, mostly the two X-men who are present. And their role did not need to be there, I don’t know why they were in the movie. The attempts to entertain are wholly focused on the dialogue, and the dialogue is one perverse comment after another. Special effects, so-so, nothing I haven’t seen in other films.

Do I suggest seeing it? Well, if you are guy, yes. If you like raunchy humor, then yes. Otherwise I suggest staying away from this one. All those kids who are upset about not being able to see it? If they did see it, they’d be disappointed. They’ll not understand any of the dialogue or plot.


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