Zoolander 2, movie review

Per my usual, I watched the first Zoolander before I went to see the sequel. I would recommend this to everyone. The movie picks up directly after the first movie ends and there are jokes scattered in the film that you will only understand if the first movie is fresh in your mind.

As any sequel does, there are some repeatitious jokes from the first movie, but for the most part this film stands on its own. I loved the actor those chose to be Zoolander’s son. He was a great actor and it was an amusing twist to have his son be smart, while Zoolander is still unbelievably slow. They make a good pair and my only complaint was that there weren’t more scenes with the two of them interacting.

Overall, this movie gets a thumbs up and recommendation. If you enjoyed the first Zoolander, you will enjoy the sequel. Their are several cameos by famous people, so keep your eye out!


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