How to be Single, movie review

The direction or focus of this movie is a little convoluted, and intentionally so. Its catered toward people who enjoy romances, yet, the happy ending is more, being happy with being single, than with finding your true love. This does make for a roller coaster of events, and some humorous first date stories. The amount of characters introduced is a bit daunting, but each have a strong enough personality it isn’t hard to keep track of them.

The comedy does stay in the vulgar lane, more than I like. And relies heavily on slap-stick comedy. The film never gets close to any one character for long enough to make you feel any emotion for them. And for a movie trying to be a romantic comedy–this is sort of a must. Without this, it’s just another silly comedy.

If you’re a fan of either of the main stars, you will likely enjoy the movie just because you get to see them having a good time. Aside from that, it’s just a so-so movie, and there are plenty of other comedies out there you should see instead.




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