Risen, movie review

I expected this movie to be like “Exodus” and give me a biblical story told in a way that made the event explainable by science. I mean, the trailer kept bragging about the story being told by a non-believer. Instead, the story was about showing the unbelievable events to a non-believer and making him a believer. Nothing all that original.

I’m not familiar enough with the story from the bible, so I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the events that are shown in the film, but other blogs imply it is correct for the most part. My review is simply from a movie goer’s point of view, judging it as simply another movie. And in that aspect–the movie is not worth seeing.

The plot is slow. Over half the audience watching it with were asleep within the first twenty minutes. At one point I checked my watch, hoping the movie was about done and I stared at my watch in disbelief–it was only thirty minutes in. Yup, it’s the kind of movie that drags on and on. It never really had a climax and the direction or focus of the plot was never made clear. I think the main problem was, it was a movie about Jesus, but Jesus was cast as a supporting role with minimal screen time. Instead, a Roman, who feels like a supportive character, is supposed to be our main character. It just gave the movie a lopsided feeling and you weren’t sure who you should be rooting for. The disciples give off this vibe similar to giddy hipsters from the 60’s, with never ending grins and it gives you a cultish feeling.

The few times a reaction was stirred from the audience, those of us who drank enough soda to stay awake, but it wasn’t so much because the moment was funny or good. It was a, “Ha Jesus showed you how wrong you are” kind of thing, that any Christian would get excited about, regardless of the quality of the film.

The pros would be the acting was spot on, the characters did look dirty and filth covered, reality was included where possible, like the rate of corpse decomposition and brutality of the crucifixions, and no Christian is likely to be offended by this portrayal of Jesus rising after death.

Would I suggest seeing it? No. If it comes out on television, sure, click over and take a look. Otherwise, for the average movie goer, you should pass on this one.


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