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Zootopia, movie review

I think I set my standards too high for this movie. Disney has been producing some awesome movies lately. This film had potential, but what failed in my mind was two main factors. Too much going on-too many worlds, animals, ect, all needing more explanation than they are given. And that is then coupled with too many lessons and meanings. Every scene seems to be trying to teach me something. Don’t give up, don’t judge, you can be anything you want, be nice to blah, oh my goodness was it overwhelming. More fun story, less education please.

The animation was good and I’m sure the creators had an enjoyable time creating the worlds and characters. I’m not saying the movie was bad. It just wasn’t as good as I’ve come to expect from these producers. I’m sure kids will enjoy the film: plenty of action, lots of cute animals to look at, tons of kid oriented jokes. And they are bound to pick up some of the well intentional meanings scattered throughout the film.

So if you have kids, yes, pack ’em up and go see this movie. If you’re an adult who likes animated movies… meh, you could skip this one.

The Brother’s Grimsby, movie review

I have mixed feelings regarding this movie. I knew I was getting into some pretty crude movie making since the people who made this also made “Borat.” So keeping that in mind, I was somewhat prepared for the vulgarity. Normally, when a movie does a bunch of sex jokes, it gets old, I don’t find it funny, and the whole comedy is a flop. But this movie, it’s like it went so far past the socially acceptable line of what is okay and what isn’t, that it became funny again.
I’m not sure if it was due to the jokes being more original, because no one else had ever “gone there.” Or if its because the jokes went beyond being something offensive to just purely being ridiculous. But it worked.
I was laughing it up with the best of them. To give you an idea of what I mean there were scenes like this:
Two grown men climbing into a female elephant’s body, and then enduring multiple male elephants ramming their sexual organ into the cavity the two men are in. So basically the men are getting sexually assaulted by multiple elephants. There is semen everywhere. Like I said, its so outrageous, its not vulgar anymore, its just funny. Saving the world by cramming biological warfare rockets up their butts, sucking poison out of each others testicles, and sex in a mattress store-to test out the bed, are just a small sample of the insanity you will find in this film.
So if you like comedies, I would say you should give this movie a try. It wasn’t the kind of movie I normally like, but I found myself enjoying it.

10 Cloverfield Lane, movie review

The trailer for this movie doesn’t tell you much of what to expect. Three people down in a bunker. Are they being held hostage? Is there a nuclear threat? Well, this is the puzzlement you are faced with for much of the movie. You are never quite sure what is going on and who is deceiving who.

The plot is very fast paced and just when you get comfortable and think you know what is happening, another twist occurs to keep you guessing. What is real? Who is lying? The suspense of this film never lets up. Now it does get a little wonky in the last fifteen minutes, but I didn’t mind. The rest of the movie more than made up for it.

If you like suspenseful films, or horror, or even just a good drama, you’ll find something to enjoy in “10 Cloverfield Lane.”

Eddie the Eagle and Race, movie reviews

It’s weird that two Olympic centered movies came out at the same time, but I saw them both and they both turned out quite well. “Eddie the Eagle” takes on a more lighthearted tone than “Race” did, but I think both films are worth seeing if you enjoy a good drama. My biggest complain for “Eddie the Eagle” would be the casting. It didn’t feel right to have an Australian actor playing the one American role in the film. Yes, Hugh Jackman is a great actor and he did an outstanding job in the role–but still, it’s the principle of the matter.

The “Eddie the Eagle” the acting was good, story good, there weren’t any dull moments that I can recall. I enjoyed the fact footage from the original Olympics was included and I’m pretty sure they filmed some of it on location. If they didn’t, well, they did a good job making it seem like they did. There were a few moments that came close to making me emotional, but for some reason they did come short. Not sure why, perhaps the moments were passed over too quickly and dulled by an attempt at humor.

All in all, “Eddie the Eagle” is a touching underdog story. It would have been nice if they’d explained more about what happened after the Olympics. It could have been included when they did the little captions summarizing the bits about what happened to the main characters afterwards, but that just means people will have to do their own research.

As for “Race,” this movie delivered exactly what the trailers promise. If you watch the trailer and the movie stirs your interest, then yes, you should go see it. The story was well told, even parts that could be boring are brought to life in a way that keeps the momentum of the film moving forward. You learn bits of history, although, its likely altered a bit for Hollywood. The center of the movie is racism and prejudice, but the topic is never overdone. This isn’t a movie where someone’s ideals are being forced down your throat. This is a film about what happened and it manages to stay fair and unbiased in my opinion. Nothing is glorified, but enough emotion is shown that you feel connected to the characters and you will likely pick your favorites to root for.

“Race” is one of the better movies I’ve seen lately, it gets a highly recommend from me for anyone who likes dramas and history. It’s kind of like, “Bridge of Spies” but centered on the Olympics. Same high standards in regards to acting and cinematography.