The Brother’s Grimsby, movie review

I have mixed feelings regarding this movie. I knew I was getting into some pretty crude movie making since the people who made this also made “Borat.” So keeping that in mind, I was somewhat prepared for the vulgarity. Normally, when a movie does a bunch of sex jokes, it gets old, I don’t find it funny, and the whole comedy is a flop. But this movie, it’s like it went so far past the socially acceptable line of what is okay and what isn’t, that it became funny again.
I’m not sure if it was due to the jokes being more original, because no one else had ever “gone there.” Or if its because the jokes went beyond being something offensive to just purely being ridiculous. But it worked.
I was laughing it up with the best of them. To give you an idea of what I mean there were scenes like this:
Two grown men climbing into a female elephant’s body, and then enduring multiple male elephants ramming their sexual organ into the cavity the two men are in. So basically the men are getting sexually assaulted by multiple elephants. There is semen everywhere. Like I said, its so outrageous, its not vulgar anymore, its just funny. Saving the world by cramming biological warfare rockets up their butts, sucking poison out of each others testicles, and sex in a mattress store-to test out the bed, are just a small sample of the insanity you will find in this film.
So if you like comedies, I would say you should give this movie a try. It wasn’t the kind of movie I normally like, but I found myself enjoying it.


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