Zootopia, movie review

I think I set my standards too high for this movie. Disney has been producing some awesome movies lately. This film had potential, but what failed in my mind was two main factors. Too much going on-too many worlds, animals, ect, all needing more explanation than they are given. And that is then coupled with too many lessons and meanings. Every scene seems to be trying to teach me something. Don’t give up, don’t judge, you can be anything you want, be nice to blah, oh my goodness was it overwhelming. More fun story, less education please.

The animation was good and I’m sure the creators had an enjoyable time creating the worlds and characters. I’m not saying the movie was bad. It just wasn’t as good as I’ve come to expect from these producers. I’m sure kids will enjoy the film: plenty of action, lots of cute animals to look at, tons of kid oriented jokes. And they are bound to pick up some of the well intentional meanings scattered throughout the film.

So if you have kids, yes, pack ’em up and go see this movie. If you’re an adult who likes animated movies… meh, you could skip this one.


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