The Samsaric, *book tour* and review

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The opening scene of this book quickly pulls you in. You are given a heroine with amnesia, who awakes in a strange place and is recovering from illness-possibly a plague. A person emerges from the shadows and asks to read her a book. In a way, the story unfolds like “the Notebook” in that the man is reading the history of this woman’s past live(s) to her, with the goal of her remembering her first life by the end of the story. Its pretty evident who she is, since there is one main woman in the storybook, but who the man is, is left a mystery until the end of the novel. Unless you are a good guesser that is.

Where the story failed is in pulling me into the timeframe and era of the characters. I was a little lost on imagining their world and for the most part just had to rely on myself to “guess” what 1813 B.C. in India would look like. It didn’t help that characters would go from speaking, in what I would call old timey type speech, like this, “I accede to your god Ashur’s will,” to saying a very modern phrase a few sentences later, “Let’s cut to the chase.” I mean, its hard to imagine the same character would go from speaking so proper to then so not, when addressing the same person, even if you take out the fact the phrases don’t fit in the same era.

Aside from my personal issues with timeline, the story does have a good flow and takes the readers on a adventure full of plot twists, magic, and everything you would expect to find in a fantasy novel-but set in ancient India. And with some very dark undertones.
I’m not sure if I’d classify this as a romance, even though I did compare it to the notebook. I’d say its more of a dark fantasy with a romance angle. So if you like dark fantasy novels, I’d suggest checking “The Samsaric” out.

I received “The Samsaric” for free from Sage’s Blog Tours in exchange for an honest review.

The Samsaric, by G.W.LWIN


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