Criminal, movie review

I had high expectations for this film, especially considering the all-star cast, and for the most part, it delivered. The trailer portrays the story line well–CIA operative gets killed and in an effort to recover information only he knew, they transplant his thoughts/memories, into someone who suffered brain damage as a child, which means he has the unused space in his brain for the memories to go in. Of course, the only candidate is a psychopath who is in jail for murder.

There are several layers to the story that unfolds, the growth of the psychopath as he experiences memories that stir emotions he could never feel before, due to his brain damage, and the CIA battle to recover a weapon that controls the US nuclear warheads. The action is constant, acting spot on, plot full of twists and puzzles. My only complaint is how the patient is treated after the memory implantation. The rough way they treated him was silly, and obvious to not stir any answers to the CIA’s questions for info. The quick way they gave up and wanted him to be killed when he didn’t provide answers in the first five minutes after waking from surgery was ridiculous. First, you’d think they’d give him some recovery time, and second, after working that hard, investing all that $$, I doubt they’d give up that fast.

Overall, if you like action movies, or government suspense type thrillers, this is a good one to see.


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