Jungle Book, movie review

Most will say this was a nice film, but that doesn’t mean it was a “good” film. If that makes sense.

Right from the start, producer Jon Favreau does an intro thanking you for seeing his film, and automatically wanting anyone who has a harsh word to say, rethink whether they should. I haven’t seen the original movie in a while, so I won’t be comparing the two, but I will tell you of two striking differences: the boy is raised by wolves and he stays with the animals at the end of the film. Okay, so that last bit is tad spoiler-ish.

Where the movie doesn’t stay true to the original, it does stay true to nature. I loved the tiny facts that were sprinkled throughout the movie. Its a very creative way to get kids educated. Too few films do that anymore. There is also a great moral to the story line that I loved. The little boy wasn’t the one to learn a lesson in the end, it was the old stubborn animals who thought they knew everything.

The all star cast of voice actors are great and add a nice touch. The child actor did amazingly well, considering he was in a green room the entire time, reacting with nothing but props and direction. It took me a bit to accept the quality of CGI, it wasn’t done that well when you compare it to other movies, but considering the entire movie is CGI–it probably would have taken another ten years to finish it if they’d tried to make it to the level of the Hobbit movies.

In the end, yes, take your kids. They will love it. And if you are looking for a nice relaxing movie as an adult, this is a good one to see.


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