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X-Men: Apocalypse, movie review

This series is getting confusing to keep track of. Now that there’s been the time travel from “X-Men : Days of Future Past” and the future has been rewritten, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Sure enough, the timeline is all screwy. Characters are being introduced again, but this time with a different origin story, making the plot conflict with the original three X-men movies. For example, Angel shows up in this film and he not only completely different, but he dies. Sorry, spoiler alert!

Where the story plans to go from here, I do not know. The entire world has been damaged. You can’t tell me that won’t have some serious upheaval from the masses, especially with the new theme of movies lately to be focusing on the aftermath of these big fights.

Overall, aside from the confusing plot, the story as a solo movie is okay. It’s centered on the same characters these movies always seem too. The effects are great, acting is great, and so on. I was thrilled that we got another classic Quicksilver scene. Everyone’s just gotta love that guy. Although as someone who has read the comics, I’m left wondering where his twin sister is…

I did rewatch “X-Men First Class” and “X-men: Days of Future Past” before I saw this movie. I’d suggest viewers also do this before they go, since this movie does a lot of tie ins to those films.

Alice Through the Looking Glass, movie review

I watched the first Alice movie before I watched this one, since that is something I like to do. A quick refresh before I see the new edition. I wouldn’t say its necessary for this movie, so if you want to go in cold turkey, or as someone who has never seen the first one, you could and you’d be fine.

The same characters from the previous movie are all present. But really they are just doing cameos. They don’t do much for the actual plot and you can tell they are present just so they can get the class reunion vibe going for the film.

The same situation as in the previous movie, arises, and Alice is running away from a problem. A trip to Wonderland is what she needs to put her back on course and find a solution. The story we are shown from the past is what I enjoyed. Those scenes were great and I loved seeing how the tea party got stuck in time at one minute to tea time.

The special effects that were done to the Mad Hatter’s character were entertaining by itself. It was almost good enough to keep me from noticing that Johnny Depp is getting a bit too old to be playing those kinds of characters.

Overall the movie is good for a fantasy filled adventure. The special effects and inventive interpretation of things like “Time” are what keep the film fresh. If you liked the first film, you’ll enjoy this one as well.

The Nice Guys, movie review

The trailers for this movie, leave you a bit unsure of the actual plot, but the comedic value that is promised is spot on. This is a murder mystery detective movie taking place in the seventies. For those who grew up in or near that time frame, you’ll enjoy the trip down memory lane. There were several movie billboards in the background, authentic cars, and other jokes that only someone well versed on that decade would truly appreciate.

The comedy, tho dark at times with all the murders and violence, keeps the tone light hearted and the audience chuckling. The atmosphere created by the actors and strict adherence to the era truly make you feel as if you’ve stepped back in time.

The acting, directing, plot, jokes, well, the whole thing gets a thumbs up from me. There was never a moment were I was bored nor could I predict the ever twisting plot. A few aspects of the movie did lose me as the plot gets fairly deep in conspiracies at a few points, but it didn’t distract me from enjoying the movie. Overall, it’s a must see comedy, even if this genre isn’t usually your style.

Angry Birds, movie review

The reviews for this movie set the bar pretty high. One never knows what to expect when a game is turned into a movie. I am happy to report that “Angry Birds” pulled it off. This film has something for everyone, both the kids and their parents will be delightfully entertained.

Red is the star of the movie and is your typical outsider. He is the only person who is suspicious of, well, anything. He collects his rag tag group of fellow outcasts he meets during anger management training and the adventure begins. Fans of the game will be delighted to see how the birds from the game were translated onto the big screen. Some birds didn’t show all their powers that we know they have, and I’m pretty sure this is to set the stage for a sequel. If you stick around after the movie, you’ll see the introduction of a main character who is missing for majority of the movie.

So go see “Angry Birds!” You won’t regret it. It was so good, I may go see it again.

Captain America, Civil War, movie review

Captain America

I used to be that guy who watched all of the movies that correlated to the new film before I went to see the new installment. But Marvel has simply made too many for that to be plausible. I mean, the tv shows alone, I’ve never watched and am now so far behind… So I just went and judged the film as a standalone. Which is hard to do, because the film is nearly force-ably interwoven with all the other movies. Which left me feeling out of the loop and not sure if I was missing pieces of the story because I’d missed some tv special or if the gap was intention.

Aside from my confusion as to the multiple story lines, I was also annoyed with the action scenes. They were done in this stop-go fashion that make them not seem done in real time. As if the people are moving at superhuman speeds and we are only able to see them between rapid eye blinks. Really, it just made it hard to figure out what was going on.

What I took from this plot was, rather than create a new enemy, the idea was to pit the characters against each other, all so we can watch them fight and see their awesome powers. I did like the fact that we are now being shown the negative side and the “what happens” after the world is rescued. We are seeing the collateral damage, the people who aren’t so pleased that these heroes showed up. What hurt this movie, is the fact this is the third movie in the last few months to tackle this issue… so it’s already getting a bit old.

I’ll still go see the next movies that come out, because they are usually good for a few laughs and the story is entertaining. But do be prepared to feel a little left out if you aren’t a diehard fan.

Picture Perfect, book review

I listened to the audio tape of this novel. And boy do I wish there was a way to skip ahead and skim an audio book. As it is, I hung in there and listened to the entire 9+ hours. I’ve read other novels by Jodi Picoult and I loved them! Sadly, this is not her best work. When I picked it up, I hadn’t realized how early in her career she had written this novel.

The book starts off promising enough with the main character having amnesia. But then it goes into clique after clique. Meek geeky woman falls for gruff dominating rich man, who has a temper and abuses her. She blames herself, meeting the stereotype yet again, and stays with him for three years. It’s not hard to predict where the story is going, but there are moments were you get bored and wonder, why are we covering this?

This is a story many women in abusive relationships might experience, but that’s the thing, there’s no originality to it. It’s the same story we’ve heard before or read in newspapers. She doesn’t leave him until a baby comes into the mix and even then, we aren’t shown what she does with her life next, which is the part where the author might have come up with something original.

There is an Indian heritage thing mixed in, but really it is just a distractor side story. It wasn’t needed at all. It could have been removed entirely, along with the character Will, and the story would have unfolded just the same.

The childhood stories of the main characters, although entertaining, once again serve no real purpose. The stories are more there for a shock and awe factor, showing you horribly gruesome events that the characters lived through.

All in all, I would suggest skipping this book. Jodi Picoult has written much better novels that you should read instead.

Keanu, movie review

I was excited to see this film. A cute kitten as the center of a comedy? Grown men fighting over this adorable little guy? Yes, sign me up. I know some critics say this joke wasn’t strong enough to hold up for an entire feature length film, but I disagree. The jokes and hilarity keep coming and the story was much more well thought through than what you normally see in a comedy.

The ending does kind of fall apart, and the writers kind of give up on reality and just do whatever to create a solid conclusion, but up until those last ten minutes, the film skirts the reality well enough to be believable.

If you like comedies or any work previous done by these comedians (Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele), I would highly suggest you go see this film.

Money Monster, movie review

My expectations weren’t very high for this movie. But there wasn’t anything else I wanted to see… so Money Monster it is! There was much more to the story than I expected and I enjoyed this behind the scenes look at what goes into making a broadcast.

What really makes this film enjoyable is the well flushed out characters and their unpredictable nature. The curveballs don’t stop and it’s great to see some people rally together, while others are left sorely disappointed.

If you enjoy suspense filled dramas, it’s def work hitting up.

The Huntsman: Winter’s War, movie review

This is one of those times where you can tell a sequel was created that was not written or intended to exist when the first movie was made.

In the first movie, it is mentioned that the Huntsman has a wife who died. But it is made to seem that he went off to war, and when he returned she was dead. Any way you play it, or try to interpret his vague words in the first movie—do not at all equal what actually happens in the second movie.

This movie was also played up as a prequel. It’s not. Only the first twenty minutes or so take place before the first movie, then we jump to after the Snow White movie, so it is, for all intents and purpose, a sequel.

The Huntsman would have been better if it was just an independent movie. Scratch the Snow White bit, and make it stand on its own. Don’t interconnect it to the other movie. I didn’t think this was connected to a first movie until after I saw it. Then I had to look it up and, well, watching the first movie after the second, makes the lack of continuity between two story lines stand out even worse.

The editing is my next complaint. I think a lot of pivotal scenes were cut from the final movie. How do I know this? Well, if I hadn’t seen a trailer or two, I never would have known the reason the Mirror Queen (Ravenna) killed her sister’s baby was because the baby would grow to be more beautiful than her. They show that in the trailers but completely cut it from the movie. That is important!! Without it we think the Mirror Queen killed the baby just to trigger her sister’s magic, but that was in fact a side effect the Mirror Queen just had to accept cause she wanted to stay the most beautiful.

If the movie had been completely original, no Snow White, just a movie about the Evil Ice Queen (Freya), it would have been great. I did enjoy the new story line. If you like epic adventure type movies, then this is worth seeing. Just try to ignore the story line inconsistencies and go along for the ride.