The Huntsman: Winter’s War, movie review

This is one of those times where you can tell a sequel was created that was not written or intended to exist when the first movie was made.

In the first movie, it is mentioned that the Huntsman has a wife who died. But it is made to seem that he went off to war, and when he returned she was dead. Any way you play it, or try to interpret his vague words in the first movie—do not at all equal what actually happens in the second movie.

This movie was also played up as a prequel. It’s not. Only the first twenty minutes or so take place before the first movie, then we jump to after the Snow White movie, so it is, for all intents and purpose, a sequel.

The Huntsman would have been better if it was just an independent movie. Scratch the Snow White bit, and make it stand on its own. Don’t interconnect it to the other movie. I didn’t think this was connected to a first movie until after I saw it. Then I had to look it up and, well, watching the first movie after the second, makes the lack of continuity between two story lines stand out even worse.

The editing is my next complaint. I think a lot of pivotal scenes were cut from the final movie. How do I know this? Well, if I hadn’t seen a trailer or two, I never would have known the reason the Mirror Queen (Ravenna) killed her sister’s baby was because the baby would grow to be more beautiful than her. They show that in the trailers but completely cut it from the movie. That is important!! Without it we think the Mirror Queen killed the baby just to trigger her sister’s magic, but that was in fact a side effect the Mirror Queen just had to accept cause she wanted to stay the most beautiful.

If the movie had been completely original, no Snow White, just a movie about the Evil Ice Queen (Freya), it would have been great. I did enjoy the new story line. If you like epic adventure type movies, then this is worth seeing. Just try to ignore the story line inconsistencies and go along for the ride.


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