Angry Birds, movie review

The reviews for this movie set the bar pretty high. One never knows what to expect when a game is turned into a movie. I am happy to report that “Angry Birds” pulled it off. This film has something for everyone, both the kids and their parents will be delightfully entertained.

Red is the star of the movie and is your typical outsider. He is the only person who is suspicious of, well, anything. He collects his rag tag group of fellow outcasts he meets during anger management training and the adventure begins. Fans of the game will be delighted to see how the birds from the game were translated onto the big screen. Some birds didn’t show all their powers that we know they have, and I’m pretty sure this is to set the stage for a sequel. If you stick around after the movie, you’ll see the introduction of a main character who is missing for majority of the movie.

So go see “Angry Birds!” You won’t regret it. It was so good, I may go see it again.


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