Alice Through the Looking Glass, movie review

I watched the first Alice movie before I watched this one, since that is something I like to do. A quick refresh before I see the new edition. I wouldn’t say its necessary for this movie, so if you want to go in cold turkey, or as someone who has never seen the first one, you could and you’d be fine.

The same characters from the previous movie are all present. But really they are just doing cameos. They don’t do much for the actual plot and you can tell they are present just so they can get the class reunion vibe going for the film.

The same situation as in the previous movie, arises, and Alice is running away from a problem. A trip to Wonderland is what she needs to put her back on course and find a solution. The story we are shown from the past is what I enjoyed. Those scenes were great and I loved seeing how the tea party got stuck in time at one minute to tea time.

The special effects that were done to the Mad Hatter’s character were entertaining by itself. It was almost good enough to keep me from noticing that Johnny Depp is getting a bit too old to be playing those kinds of characters.

Overall the movie is good for a fantasy filled adventure. The special effects and inventive interpretation of things like “Time” are what keep the film fresh. If you liked the first film, you’ll enjoy this one as well.


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