X-Men: Apocalypse, movie review

This series is getting confusing to keep track of. Now that there’s been the time travel from “X-Men : Days of Future Past” and the future has been rewritten, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Sure enough, the timeline is all screwy. Characters are being introduced again, but this time with a different origin story, making the plot conflict with the original three X-men movies. For example, Angel shows up in this film and he not only completely different, but he dies. Sorry, spoiler alert!

Where the story plans to go from here, I do not know. The entire world has been damaged. You can’t tell me that won’t have some serious upheaval from the masses, especially with the new theme of movies lately to be focusing on the aftermath of these big fights.

Overall, aside from the confusing plot, the story as a solo movie is okay. It’s centered on the same characters these movies always seem too. The effects are great, acting is great, and so on. I was thrilled that we got another classic Quicksilver scene. Everyone’s just gotta love that guy. Although as someone who has read the comics, I’m left wondering where his twin sister is…

I did rewatch “X-Men First Class” and “X-men: Days of Future Past” before I saw this movie. I’d suggest viewers also do this before they go, since this movie does a lot of tie ins to those films.


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