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Warcraft, movie review

I had my expectations low for this movie. I was expecting something along the lines of the “Doom” or “Dungeons and Dragons” movies. Both of which, I liked, but will admit they had flaws.

The graphics in this film are what caught my eye first, the orcs look amazing. I cannot imagine the time spent on designing them and getting all the features to be just right. If the cities looked “fake” or very studio set-ish, I would say that’s because that’s how it looks in the game. I don’t think it was poor budgeting. It was simply an attempt to make the landscape look like it does in the video game.

The camera angles for some of the shots give you a feeling of playing the game. First person shots, that is. I loved that they worked this into the movie.

For the plot, some say it leaves you hanging and doesn’t conclude or give you closure. Well, I say, does the game ever give you a closure? No! That’s the way the game goes, one epic quest to the next, so yes, the film is going to be the same. Perhaps it was all a gimmick to line up for another movie, but guess what, that’s how the game plays out too, so it worked perfectly in my opinion.

I loved seeing a new side to the characters and world. Getting to meet people who live there and grow attached to them. A lot of people die, which I wasn’t a big fan of, but again, lots of people die in the game, so it made sense.

I think the gamers and fans of World of Warcraft will enjoy this film. And so will people who haven’t had much exposure to the game. It definitely served it purpose and got me excited to start playing the game again!

Blog Tour, Guest Post & Giveaway: Nina R. Schluntz with Kale’s Paroxysm

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I’d like to extend a warm welcome to Nina R. Shluntz who’s stopping by the Back Porch to chat about her new book Kale’s Paroxysm and offer readers a chance to participate in a giveaway.

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How can I get published?

One of the most commonly asked questions I get as an author is: How can I get published?

It seems there are a lot of writer’s out there who are still struggling to find a way to get their manuscript made into a real book. And since I’ve done it, I must know the secret. The process is an ever-changing one and these days there are a lot of options. There’s also a lot of people trying to take advantage of people who want to see their writing in print.

Writer’s Market: So back when I first started out, in the 2001-2005 years, the book…

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Finding Dori, Movie Review

This movie had me a bit worried. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t exist if Ellen DeGeneres hadn’t done some nudging. So with the fact it’s a sequel combined with it possibly being created around Ellen’s desire to simply have there be a movie about Dori. I was concerned about the quality and actual plot it might contain.

As it is, I was pleasantly surprised. They used the decade between movie releases as time well spent in flushing out a sequel that stands up well to the original.

I know I say this a lot, if you liked the original, you’ll like the second. But it really is true for this situation. And as a note to all of you who are like me, and find themselves crying at nearly all animated Disney movies, you can take heart in knowing this one did not make me cry. It stays a bit more light hearted, although yes, there are some emotional moments.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 2014 and 2016, movie reviews

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

To prep for seeing this movie, I went and bought the first one. I had very low expectations for this film and was delighted when I  discovered this was an origins story, that was—dare I say—original. Or at least more detailed than most origin tales around the turtles.

April finds out that these turtles were actually her pets as a child and that she saved them. The turtles and rat were all test subjects in her father’s lab and she treated them like beloved pets. This twist adds a heartwarming aspect to the storyline that I did not expect.

The film has some good one liners, mostly at the expense of the character Vernon, who plays the cameraman for April. The movie wouldn’t have been nearly as good without him.

There are some parts that are wildly unrealistic. And I don’t just mean bullet proof turtle shells. I was literally yelling at the television when April cranked up the adrenaline on the monitor attached the turtles. They were having their blood drained and when April asked what she should do to help them from falling unconscious, they told her to give them Adrenaline. Why, oh why, would there but a button on the machine labeled that? And if all Shredder wanted was their blood, why wouldn’t he take the people he thought were dead? Blood is blood. Like I said, some parts didn’t add up.

Aside from that, the film held up better than I expected.

Now for the sequel. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

This movie took a nose dive. All the progress the first film had made, was destroyed by this one. It was one long commercial for toys. Instead of actually having a plot, it tried to stir up interest by bringing into play characters that the fans would know. The “oh I know that guy” was so obvious that even if you didn’t know the guy, you’d know you were supposed to him.

April’s character was reduced to a pretty face to gawk at. I’m not kidding. She is making pouty lip faces in nearly all of her scenes. The opening scene actually has her wearing difference slutty things, and flirting with guys, in an effort to steal information.

I think there was supposed to a morale in there about becoming a team and being a good leader, since Leo struggles with this, saying, “I don’t know how to make them all think the same.” And Splinter tells him, “You shouldn’t want them too.” But the moral never goes anywhere. Instead when a big decision needs to be made, he passes the job of deciding off to the other three. Yeah… that’s just teaching us to give up, not be a better leader. So I’m not sure what I was supposed to learn. Aside from, go buy all the cool toys. I think there’s also a message about accepting yourself even if you look like a monster, but that one was all kinds of convoluted too.

In the end, this is a skip it kind of movie. If you enjoy Nickelodeon type action movies, think Power Rangers, then sure, this is a good one to go to. The younger crowd will eat it up—and then beg for toys.

Popstar: Never Stop Popping, movie review

Okay, so I guess this is mostly on me for not doing a bit more research. I saw the trailer and got excited. The entire movie is filmed like a documentary. I thought the trailer was just using that as a gimmick. I did not expect the entire movie to be like that. I kept waiting for it to stop, thinking this was just how they were going to introduce the characters. But nope, the entire thing was a documentary based on a fictional character that is—based on all the stereotypes of boy-bands and those who break off to do solo stuff.

It was an hour and a half movie that is only funny for a five-minute skit. There wasn’t enough plot to last for a full length film. It felt like a bunch of short skits jumbled together. I wanted to like this movie, I really did. I think it would have been better if it hadn’t stayed in hand-held camera documentary mode for the entire time.

There are a lot of cameos from famous singers, actors, anyone involved in the music industry really. In that regard the movie is enjoyable to watch, just to see who all is going to do a cameo.

The songs are outrageous, just outrageous, which is added upon by having famous singers say praise for the songs, as if they are amazing songs and not just…random words jumbled together.

I did laugh a lot, I’ll admit that, but as a whole… I have a hard time recommending anyone to go see it. Too many sex jokes and not enough plot for me.