Finding Dori, Movie Review

This movie had me a bit worried. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t exist if Ellen DeGeneres hadn’t done some nudging. So with the fact it’s a sequel combined with it possibly being created around Ellen’s desire to simply have there be a movie about Dori. I was concerned about the quality and actual plot it might contain.

As it is, I was pleasantly surprised. They used the decade between movie releases as time well spent in flushing out a sequel that stands up well to the original.

I know I say this a lot, if you liked the original, you’ll like the second. But it really is true for this situation. And as a note to all of you who are like me, and find themselves crying at nearly all animated Disney movies, you can take heart in knowing this one did not make me cry. It stays a bit more light hearted, although yes, there are some emotional moments.

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