Warcraft, movie review

I had my expectations low for this movie. I was expecting something along the lines of the “Doom” or “Dungeons and Dragons” movies. Both of which, I liked, but will admit they had flaws.

The graphics in this film are what caught my eye first, the orcs look amazing. I cannot imagine the time spent on designing them and getting all the features to be just right. If the cities looked “fake” or very studio set-ish, I would say that’s because that’s how it looks in the game. I don’t think it was poor budgeting. It was simply an attempt to make the landscape look like it does in the video game.

The camera angles for some of the shots give you a feeling of playing the game. First person shots, that is. I loved that they worked this into the movie.

For the plot, some say it leaves you hanging and doesn’t conclude or give you closure. Well, I say, does the game ever give you a closure? No! That’s the way the game goes, one epic quest to the next, so yes, the film is going to be the same. Perhaps it was all a gimmick to line up for another movie, but guess what, that’s how the game plays out too, so it worked perfectly in my opinion.

I loved seeing a new side to the characters and world. Getting to meet people who live there and grow attached to them. A lot of people die, which I wasn’t a big fan of, but again, lots of people die in the game, so it made sense.

I think the gamers and fans of World of Warcraft will enjoy this film. And so will people who haven’t had much exposure to the game. It definitely served it purpose and got me excited to start playing the game again!


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