Central Intelligence, Movie Review

I was expecting Kevin Hart to carry the weight of this movie, much like I saw in the last comedy he starred in “Ride Along 2.” However the directors of this movie played to Dwayne Johnson’s talents in a way I hadn’t seen done before and it worked beautifully.

Bob Stone, played by Dwayne Johnson, is introduced as this goofy overly optimistic character who is in love with unicorns. He plays the role seriously, even though he is saying outrageous things. You can’t tell if he’s intentionally acting silly, or if his character is really like that. Add in the whole conspiracy where he is actually a CIA agent and you really don’t know if he’s acting like a goof or if he really is. I mean, I saw the movie and I still don’t know which way I was supposed to interpret his character!

Kevin Hart is the perfect counterpart for Dwayne Johnson’s character. He, like the audience, isn’t sure what to make of Bob Stone, and he isn’t afraid to say as much.

The combination makes for a hilarious story, with some good morals to be learned by all. I’d suggest seeing it if you are down for a silly comedy. You will laugh.


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