The Purge: Election Year, movie review

I was a moderate fan of the first two movies, so I expected this one to be similar. I was not disappointed, in fact, this one was a bit better. Normally, when there’s a third installment to a movie franchise you start worrying the quality will falter. This movie continued to keep things fresh, and expose us to yet another side of the annual purge night.

The main character from the second movie, Leo, does make an appearance in this movie, also rising to be one of the stars. Honestly, his role could have been played by anyone. There wasn’t any particular reason for him to be playing the character that he was, other than the directors might have thought it a nice touch to have an actor roll over into the next purge movie.

The story line follows similar to the last film where you are quickly out on the streets, trying to survive the night. The extra addition is that one of the people is famous—they are running for president. So having a VIP on the run ads a flash of originally to the film that wasn’t in the other films.

There are some great one liners that had the audience chuckling. No more idle stupid chit-chat like in the second movie. This time it broke up the tension of all the death and inhuman behaviors. So the movie wasn’t a constant horror cringe fest.

Overall, I give it a thumbs up. Folks who enjoyed the other movies should like this one. And some who didn’t like the first two, may find themselves enjoying this one. Fans of slasher horror movies—this is a must see. You’ll enjoy the well thought out plot. Something you don’t usually see in a horror movie, but something we’ve come to expect in our purge films.

My review of Purge 1 & 2


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