Independence Day : Resurgence, movie review

I watched the original movie from 1996 a day before I went to see the new sequel. I would recommend doing this, if you want to fully grasp all the elements going on in the film.

What I enjoyed the most is the fact the movie takes place twenty years after the events in the first film, and the movie is actually being made twenty years later! So the actors and actresses are all naturally aged. Nearly every character from the first film makes a cameo in the new installment.

The plot, kind of predictable, I mean, when they shoot the orb without cause, you pretty much know it was a mistake and that they were likely here to help Earth. The lesson must be learned the hard way, so the movie has more to work though. The effects are what make this film stand out a bit more than its predecessor.

The mind boggler for me was that they somehow managed to make this 2016 film feel like a 1996 film. I mean, the acting style, the comedic jokes, all stuff you’d expect to see in a 1996 movie, not one of today. I don’t know if that hurt or helped the film, but hopefully the diehard fans appreciated it.

Do I recommend the movie? Meh, if you want a nostalgic trip back to the 90’s, then sure. Otherwise, there are way better movies out there about alien invasions.


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