Secret Life of Pets, movie review

Disney hit the mark correctly on this film. I was not bored for a second during the movie, and from what I could see of the children in attendance, they too were enjoying themselves. The jokes are a constant hit, there’s a mix that will appeal to both adults and children. The lead cat in the movie does all these little things in the background that make you go, “Yup, a cat would do that.” Like sitting in a box too small for her—they are things that just happen and if you aren’t paying attention you’ll miss it. The movie is full of little trinkets like that. So you may find yourself laughing alone if you are the only person in the theater to notice the hidden jokes.

The plot, well, I knew from the first few minutes it was going to be a, “at first we hate each other but by the end of the movie we are best friends,” kind of thing. But the road to get there was highly entertaining.

All in all, this movie is a must see for kids and adults alike.


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