Ice Age: Collision Course, movie review

I loved the first movie in this franchise. I must have watched it at least twenty times. The multiple sequels have been okay, until now.

Most of the dialogue was clique. All lines audiences have heard in numerous other films. The rest were observational comments. Or worse, an attempt to explain the made up science going on. I understand that this is an animated film, so we are bending reality. But this movie went way too far.  At first I was thinking kids would still enjoy it, but then a five-year-old a few seats from me was asking her dad, “How is he doing that?” So even the small children are having issues with the made up world.

I’ve never been a fan of the “Scrat” scenes. In this film they seemed to take up a good twenty minutes of the hour and half film. I don’t know if they just felt that long because they were so bad, or if they really were that long. Either way, his scenes were the most “out there” and insane.

I remember Jennifer Lopez talking up the film on American Idol. I am surprised she did this since her character had all of five words in the entire movie. That was disappointing by itself. But then I’m listening for the song the winner of American Idol is supposed to do, and he doesn’t sing until the credits are rolling. And its a remake of the song, “Dream Weaver!” So he didn’t even get to make his own song, a bit misleading from how they sold it on American Idol. I stayed to watch the credits, to verify that Trent Harmon was indeed the singer, and I never saw his name in the credits. The music just listed the producer and original songwriter, from what I could tell anyway. So those are some poorly made credits if they don’t tell you the one thing they are meant to do–tell me who did what in the film I just watched!

All in all, I suggest not seeing this movie. The only kids who would enjoy this film are children who are too young to be in a movie theater. By that I mean, your six-month-old might enjoy watching the pretty pictures on the screen.


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One response to “Ice Age: Collision Course, movie review

  • screenzealots

    I’m an adult (with no kids) and I didn’t hate the movie. It’s so well directed and beautifully animated that I was able to overlook its faults. I also love Scrat’s physical humor, though, so maybe that had something to do with it. Great review even though we disagree on this one.

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