Suicide Squad, movie review

I’m not all that familiar with the characters depicted in this movie so I was really going just to enjoy it as a movie. I wasn’t aware it was tied into the Superman/Batman movies, but it is! From what I could tell it picked up directly after Superman died in “Superman versus Batman.” So the idea of the suicide squad is some attempt at replacing the void Superman left–in a defend the world from attacks kind of thing.

The trailers don’t tell you much of the plot, so I won’t spoil it either. It has predictable moments, but doesn’t ever get boring. I may have been more entertained than most, due to my lack of background knowledge on the characters.

The acting and one liners—although some fell flat—were for the most part spot on. There’s humorous and heartwarming moments. Overall, if you like action movies, or superhero movies, this should be on your list to see.


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