Star Trek Beyond, movie review

This movie has about the same feel to it that the first two movies did. So I am confident in saying if you enjoyed the first two Star Trek movies, you’ll enjoy this one.

The plot itself is good and there are plenty of twists to keep you guessing. Occasionally it felt like the actors were trying a bit too hard, but that may have been an attempt to keep the atmosphere similar to the original Star Trek series, where over-acting was the norm for the time they were created in.

My only complaint was how they made the Sulu character gay. I didn’t care about the fact they did it. It bothered me how they did it. We didn’t meet anyone else’s family, loved ones, children, ect, in this firm. Only his. It felt too much like they paused the movie just to point out to us the fact that Sulu was gay. As if that was a checkbox they needed to fill for the film. It felt forced and out of place.

Aside from that one gimmick with Sulu, the rest of the film was good and it gets a recommend to see, by me. If you are into science fiction movies.


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