Sully, movie review

If you’ve enjoyed other Clint Eastwood movies, than you should enjoy this one. The movie starts the day after the plane crash and progresses through the investigation. The ongoing theme is, was the pilot in the wrong to land in the Hudson rather than continue on to the airport? Flight simulations abound, and the question is left out there for the entire film. The tension throughout the film, the doubt of whether he endangered everyone for no reason, it is so intense that Scully himself begins to doubt his actions. You do get closure at the end the great mystery as to whether or not he did the right thing.

The movie tells the side of the story that the media did not. Scully isn’t instantly proclaimed a hero. He is investigated, he doubts himself, he has flashbacks, and every person on that flight is haunted by what happened. Yes, they all lived, which is miraculous, but the story isn’t that simple. I found the tale was an emotional one, brought on by the intense acting and emotional state of the characters. This isn’t a movie where you will be cheering the hero, it is one where you will be in tears from the dramatic near death experience.

If you want to feel a closer connection to the survivors of this water landing, then this is a movie you should see. And stick around for the credits because you’ll get to see a reunion of the real survivors and a few statements from them.


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