Monthly Archives: September 2016

Don’t Breathe, movie review

Several potentially good horror movies came out this weekend. So far I’ve only seen this one, but I have to say, the positive reviews are spot on. This film does have a few moments of pure horror movie scare tactics audiences always expect. And even a Cujo moment that I thought was funny. But for the most part this film does things right. The plot unfolds slow enough for you to get attached to the characters. I didn’t want people to die, even though I knew with this kind of movie they most likely would.

There are several unexpected twists in the plot that the trailer gives no indication of. This movie is much more than just a home break in gone wrong. If you are a horror fan, you won’t be disappointed.

War Dogs, movie review

Jonah Hill does an excellent job making you like a character that you really have no reason at all to like. I mean, I was watching him do horrible things and still wishing he was my friend. So yes, the acting in this movie is outstanding. It may not be as comedic as some are expecting, but there are still several moments of comedic value in the film. The point isn’t to be funny though, it’s to educate the audience on a serious flaw in the American contracting system. At least, that was the take away I took.

I would rate this film as a must see. It’s a great drama, educational, and above all, highly entertaining.