Deepwater Horizon, Movie Review

The first thirty minutes or so of this movie are a bit slow paced. I get why though, it’s the bit where the writers are trying to get you connected to the characters and feel that bond so when things go awry, they aren’t just nameless faces being killed. Keeping that in mind, I think an appropriate amount of time was spent getting the audience member oriented to this world. You are also given a grade-school level orientation to how the oil rig works, just enough info to help you grasp what is happening.

If you are worried this film is attempting to do some message about how evil the oil companies are, you can rest assured that isn’t the case. At least, not from what I saw. The movie felt more like a memorial to those who lost their lives and a thanks to those who went above what was asked of them and helped to save others.

What blew me away was how “real” the movie felt. From the mundane bickering and banter between the employees–which will remind us all of our own workplaces. To the graphic accidents and injuries–which had me grimacing and cringing in my seat. I’m not an oil rig expert by any means, but the science behind it seemed to stay true as well.

This isn’t horror/action movie gore, this is in your face, based on true events drama. The film was two hours long but raced by once the action started. And even before it started, I was tensing up, waiting for the big explosion to come.

This movie gets a thumbs up from me. Yeah, you’ll have to endure some clique comments in the first thirty minutes, but the rest of the movie more than makes up for it. Seeing it in the theater is a plus, because of the explosions and camera shots of the oil rig.


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