Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life, movie review

This movie was simply a delight. Much more plot and well thought out characters than you normally expect in a comedy, not to mention a comedy for children. The humor is clean, not a single bad word, and you can tell efforts were made to keep the content to an “all ages” friendly level.
I loved the fact the actors were actually children. Not adults actors cast as kids. You see so much of that. And not only were these actors/actresses actually children, but they were amazingly talented. The expressions on their faces, even crying scenes, these kids act better than most adults you see in films.
The story, is not as straight cut as you think. There’s a point where things are revealed and you’ll look back and all the pieces will fall together, but trust me, it’s a shocker and gives the movie that nice touch that so many other films seem to be missing.
The only negative comment I have is the believably of some of the stunts the kid does. But it’s a kid movie, and a comedy, both of which usually bend reality a bit, so I forgive it.
This is a must see for all ages. Does it need to be seen in theaters? Probably not, but it should be seen in whatever setting your entire family can join you for. Cause this is a great movie for kids.


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